Horse Tail

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what is horsetail(Equisetum arvense (L)) and it's super function?

[pic]  seminal trace...Horsetail Extract.CAS.NO.071011-23-9.Silica,Vegetal Silica 7%HPLC.Equisetum arvense extract,Equiseti herba,CAS.NO:1343-98-2;7631-86-9.Horsetail Grass Extract,Equisetum hyemale; Shavegrass. Equisetum arvense, extract;Horsetail (equisetium arvense) extract... [pic]


[pic] Botanical Basic Data of Horsetail.
[pic] Common horsetail,plant description.
[pic] Horsetail origin and class.
[pic] Part Used Medicinally of horsetail.
[pic] Constituents and phytochemicals of Horsetail.
[pic] Applications of Horsetail Products.
[pic] Therapeutics and Pharmacology of horsetail.
[pic] Action, Medical Uses,and Dosage of horsetail.
[pic] Horsetail from Ancient toModern times.

  [pic] Botanical Basic Data of Horsetail.

 Scientific Name:Equisetum arvense (L) ,Equisetum arvense
 Order: Equisetaceae
 Latin Name: Equisetum Arvense
 Pharmacopeial Name: Equiseti herba
 Botanical Source:Equisetum arvense (L)
 Other Common Name: Common horsetail,bottlebrush, field horsetail, shave grass, shavetail grass,Field Horsetail, At Quyroughi, Atkuyrugu, Chieh Hsu Ts'Ao, Cola De Caballo, Equiseto Menor, Kilkah Asb, Prele, Sugina,Bottle-brush, Corn Horsetail, Dutch rushes, Equiseto Menor, Field Horsetail, Horsetail, Horsetail Rush, Mare's tail, Paddock-pipes, Pewterwort, Scouring Rush, Shave-grass, Thanab Al Khail, Vara De Oro, Wen Ching  Family Name:Equisetaceae

 Chromosome information. 2n = 216 (approximately).
 Taste and smell: Fairly bland, slightly sweetish.
 Tendencies: Cooling and drying.
 Parts used:Sterile spring stems. the sterile stems (the shoots, those appearing in summer; not the brownish fertile stems that appear in early spring bearing terminal cones).  Collection: mid- to late summer.

 Related Species:Equisetum laevigatum, Braun, Equisetum robustum, Braun,  Equisetum arvense, Linn. Common Horsetail.This species puts forth its sterile stems after the appearance of the fertile ones. It has the medicinal uses of Scouring rush  Botanical Synonyms and Common names:Shave-grass. Bottle-brush. Paddock-pipes. Dutch Rushes. Pewterwort. Shavegrass,pewterwort, bottlebrush, horsetail rush, paddock-pipes, Dutch rushes, mare's tail

 Constituents: minerals (silicic acids and silicates - 5-8%;potassium,aluminium,sulphur,manganese and magnesium),flavonoids (principally quercetin glycosides), phenolic acids, alkaloids (usually absent except for traces of nicotine, palustrine and palustrinine), saponin (equisetonin), bitter principle, phytosterols (cholesterol, isofucosterol, campesterol and others), tannins.

 Actions:weak diuretic, genito-urinary astringent,antihaemorrhagic,haemostatic,prophylactic causing a mild leucocytosis,restorative to damaged pulmonary tissue, possible detoxifier; Locally styptic and vulnerary  Properties: Anodyne, anti-haemorrhagic, anti-septic, astringent, cardiac, carminative, diaphoretic, diuretic, emmenagogue, galactogogue, haemostatic, nervine, vulnerary.  Indications:enuresis, prostatic disease,cystitis with haematuria,urethritis  Specific Indications and Uses:Cystic irritation; nocturnal urinal incontinence; tenesmic urging to urinate;dropsy;renal calculi.  Plant Description of horsetail:

 Equisetum is a European herb which grows in moist waste places throughout temperate regions of the world and is cultivated in Yugoslavia. It is a member of a very primitive family of plants. In spring a spore-bearing stem, resembling a thin asparagus shoot, rises 15-20cm; once shed, this is replaced by a pale green bush with erect hollow jointed stems with longitudinal furrows, and with sharply-toothed sheaths covering each joint; from the sheaths of the central stem arise whorls of fine branches, each giving off finer whorls, the whole sometimes extending up to 60cm in height, but usually less.  This perennial plant is common to moist loamy or sandy soil all over North America and Eurasia. Horsetail is a strange-looking...
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