Horror Movie Essay

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English 100
The Best of Horror movies
Many people would say that their favorite way to have fun is to go to a beautiful beach and build sand castles or hang out with their friends at the mall. But for me, put me in a dark theater with a murderous psychopath on the loose threatening teenagers and I am happy. I am a lover of horror movies. This is something that I don’t always tell people, because it seems kind of weird to enjoy being scared and grossed out by lots of blood and gore. But in fact, I love horror movies, and I am not alone. And I am not crazy. Horror movies can be not only fun, but some experts have even argued that they are harmless or even good for us. There are many people who say that horror movies are bad for us. “A wide range of symptoms was reported, including crying or screaming (27%), trembling or shaking (24%), nausea or stomach pain(20%), clinging to a companion(18%), increased heart rate(18%), freezing or feeling of paralysis(17%), and fear of losing control(11%), as well as sweating, chills or fever, fear of dying, shortness of breath, a sense of unreality, dizziness or faintness, and numbness” (Scary Movies And TV Programs Having Long-Lasting Effects) . .This magazine explains the long term effects that can happen when you watch horror movies. Now that I really think about these affects I can relate to them. Symptoms such as increased heart rate, stomach pain, and fear of dying I honestly have all these symptoms and it might be because I watch so much horror movies. Also So many people say that it gives us nightmares. I’ve also heard that demons can be passed through the movie to you (Christian’s point of view). Some also say you can become very violent and “possessed” after you have seen a really horror movie. Although some of these may be true this does not stop us from watching these scary movies, in fact it makes us crave horror movies even more. As a child, horror movies never scared me. I always...
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