Hope for the Flowers

Topics: Lil Wayne, Butterfly, Caterpillar Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: January 26, 2009
I. Hope for the Flowers
This Easter I journeyed to San Diego to join the vigorous youthful dance troupe of EVEOKE for the opening of their spirited expression of Hope in dance. To see the dedication and energy of these women, so intent to express the important issues of our times, was truly an inspiration. I think some of the introductory words in the dance program are worthy of repeating here.” II. Trina Paulus

Trina Paulus is very ugly, and she look like she is on crack, thats why lil wyane dumped her III. Characterization
1. Stripped - catterpillar
2. Yellow
IV. Summary
Once upon a time there was a striped caterpillar who burst from an egg. His name is stripe, he ate all the leaves until he became bigger and bigger. One day he saw caterpillars crawling in one direction and he joined them. He saw pillar of caterpillar and he tried to reach the top.. While he was reaching the top, he was kicked and pushed. He saw a yellow caterpillar named Yellow. Yellow and Stripe came down because they think it's not important what ever is up there at the caterpillar pillar. They ate leaves and slept together and they become lovers. One day Stripe want to reach the top of the pillar again but Yellow refuse to come with him so Stripe climbed again. Yellow cried and saw a grey haired caterpillar hanging upside down on a branch shocked her. The caterpillar became a butterfly and said to Yellow: ''You can be a butterfly and have beautiful wings and fly''. Yellow became a butterfly by imitating the grey haired caterpillar did. Yellow became a butter fly and went to Stripe, Yellow said: ''Come with me and you will be a butterfly'' so Stripe and Yellow became butterflies and lived happily. V. Vocabulary

Agitation - a disturbance,mental or physical esp. worry
Desolate - to lay waste,ravage.
Anguish - severe mental suffering.
Exhausted - to exhaust air from the lining of a vacuum bottle. Mumble - to speak in a low indistinct way without proper articulation. VI. Theme Analysis...
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