Hoover Dam - Overview

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Hoover Dam

Zafrany yehonatan
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The Hoover Dam is located in the heart of the desert in Nevada, USA. It was built in 1931 after the period of Economic Depression. During that period, the dam was a true pioneer in its construction process, working methods and innovative methods which are used until today. Its construction at the end of Lake MEAD encouraged tourism, thus placing the state of Nevada on the map. In fact, today Hoover Dam is considered one of the most touristic places in the U.S.A. offering a variety of sightseeing activities, such as: airplane tours, helicopter tours, sailing or long hikes. The main problem of constructing the dam was to channel the water to another location from the construction site. Geologically, the dam fit to its location, and offered several solutions to the region: quieting turbulent Colorado Rivers and channeling the water flow into power generation. In addition to the solutions the dam provided, hydroelectric plant was built to generate electricity. The plant contained a variety of hydroelectric turbines, generators and transformers which have been upgraded over the years and became one of the leading hydroelectric plants in the world.

In the following presentation I discuss the history of the Hoover Dam and the advantages and disadvantages of the construction of the dam. I show how, on the one hand, the dam had severe impacts on the environment, and on the other hand, how it contributed greatly to the region.

| Name| Country| Year of completion| Total Capacity (MW)| 1| Three Gorges Dam|  People's Republic of China| 2008/2011| 22500| 6| Sayano Shushenskaya
(repair works)|  Russia| 1985/1989 2009/2014| 6,400|
15| Yaciretá|  Argentina  Paraguay| 1998| 4,050|
29| Niagara Falls (US)|  United States| 1961| 2,515 | 44| Hoover Dam|  United States| 1936| 2,080|

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