Hooters vs the Eeoc

Topics: Busboy, Waiting staff, Gender Pages: 3 (468 words) Published: June 1, 2011
Hooters and the EEOC

Hooters vs the EEOC

Is Hooters’ employee selection critical to the effective implementation of its strategy? Do the job specifications for Hooters restaurant servers have a discriminatory effect against male applicants? Does Hooters management appear to have a bias against males?

Response: Hooters employee selection is critical to the effective Hooter’s

primary image is that of sex appeal and the entire waitstaff is the reflection of

the company’s image. Hooters main target audience is middle age men and the

business sell wings by using the sex appeal of it’s servers. Hooters has a

reputation of having only female waitress that are very attractive with little

uniform. Even their logo resembles a female anatomy. Their whole business

model is based on those principals. Majority of the customers go there to get

served food and entertained by attractive waitress. Hooters is a major food

retailer with 400 restaurants that employe thousands of people primarily

women. These women are making a living with having a job at Hooters.

Hooters has the right to hire only female waitress because that’s their

company image and principal. Having a male waiter at Hooters just doesn’t

mix with company image. Hooters will also loose a lot of customers if they

integrate, because the majority of the customers go there for the female

waitress. That’s what makes Hooters different from the other restaurants.

There are a lot of restaurants that sell the same type foods. The customers

have a lot of choices of restaurants but Hooters customers go there because of

the all girl attractive waitress.

Hooters restaurant does not have a discriminatory against male applicants. They are not completely segregated company. They are not biased against

male they can still have a career with Hooters. Hooters hires male applicants

for managerial, cook and busboys positions. The...
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