Honest Is the Best Policy

Topics: Truth, Want, 2006 albums Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: February 26, 2011
“Honesty is the best policy” means that telling the truth should be the first response to answering any question or dilemma. If a person lies, then that same person will end up having to make up another lie at some point to cover the first one they lied on. Once you start telling a lie then you have to tell another lie and another lie. Then lies become tiresome and you lose your trustworthiness. In a lot of situations where a negative situation has to be decided all the "true" facts are the ones that will be the best way to reach the best solution. Honesty, at times, in personal situations can be hurtful, yet, if done gently it won’t sting as much. Honestly, who wants to be known as a liar? It is always best to tell the truth because, if you start to lie than it makes the situation more difficult than it could’ve been. All you have to do is be truthful from the start and that will make things easier to both parties. Truth hurts sometimes but the truth will always set you free. If you want to lie to someone just because you it will hurt the person then it will just have to hurt them. It will hurt them less if you tell them but, it will hurt them more if they find out later on done the line or if they have to find out from someone else. Sometimes you just have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and say if you were that person then would you want to be lied to. A lie will always be a lie and it solves nothing. Once you lie to someone that will not only make you look stupid but that person will lose trust in you and may never trust you again. Every person relies on honesty to get them through life. Honesty is the number one key to trust. Every person needs someone they can trust, even people who are almost never honest. In my opinion, those people need someone they can trust the most. When a person is honest to the people around them, they can trust them and open up to them. There was a saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt...
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