Homosexuality and Oxford University Press

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Bisexuality Pages: 5 (736 words) Published: November 22, 2012
Name: Negar Riazi
Professor: Dr.Kathryn Sorrells
Course: Communication Education
Date: 10/31/2012

Journal #9

Basically, among people, homosexuality is found in all cultures. It seems that cultural laws

have little impact on the occurrence of homosexual attitudes. This issue makes the claim that

“homosexuality isn't natural” more difficult to be defended. The concept of homophobia, means fear of

homosexuality. Some straight people may feel threatened by people who have sexual desires other than

their own. In this regard, some straight people may illustrate their fears through the violence actions

which can cause sufferings for gay people. Admittedly, homophobia is against all of

the tenets and morals of all principal religions which request people to respect equally all human

beings. However, generally non of the main religions agree with homosexuality. Hence, for

homosexuals, there is always fear of being clearly ignored by heterosexuals and that's the reason why

most of the times they don't want to come out of the closet.

On the other hand, heterosexuals sometimes behave violent and hateful manners toward

homosexuals and many gays and lesbians feel threatened by straights. Being involved with hatred and

implacability during daily lives have increased “five times more the likelihood of suicide among gay,

lesbian, and bisexual youngsters in the United States” (Brodzinsky, 39). One of the other disasters that

homophobic attitude of people could cause for homosexuals is that homophobia forces many gay men

to stay in their closet and hide their reality and live a double life. They may get married and have

children because of the pressures of the society and the fear of being ignored by everyone but at the

same time continue having same-sex affairs. This issue causes the breakdown of their families, and it

can increase the probability of the distribution of HIV to their spouses.

Homophobia, could be one of the principal outcomes of the development of HIV since

many of the homosexuals are not willing to seek medical assistance and support because of the fear of

discrimination, embarrassment, and inattention. Admittedly, the amount of deficiencies in health policy,

health services, welfare and education services cause homosexuals to feel invisible and ignored. This

issue can bring a lot of vital impacts to different parts of homosexuals' lives. As a case in point, "the

form you fill in at a medical service may have no place to record that your nominated next of kin is a

same sex partner” (Brodzinsky, 14). Or in formal events of school, you may not be permitted to

introduce your same sex partner. Besides, homosexual people are more involved in social interaction's

difficulties, “alcohol abuse, drug abuse, high divorce rates, broken homes, and family tensions”

(McCormack, 6) which cause them to make a decision whether to live a lie or be ignored. I believe that

in order to provide respect, dignity, and acceptance for all of the citizens in a society, people have to

deal with homophobia and advocate homosexuality as one of the facts that human beings should


Moreover, homophobia can sometimes kill people for the sufferings that they are bearing with,

since they have been rejected by everyone. Through statistics we can realize numerous suicides of

youth gays and lesbians which I believe these suicides may happen not only because of the concept of

being homosexual itself, but also for the way that people and society treat the homosexuals. In general,

the life of homosexuals is filled with rejections all the time and the society disregard their values and

problems constantly. I think that this fact is the reason of ruining their hope and motivation for their

future lives.

Nowadays, since homophobia causes a great amount of suffering and torture for a...
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