Homosexual Propagation in Ukraine

Topics: Homosexuality, LGBT, Sexual orientation Pages: 3 (1117 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Evelina Habrel
The Exploratory Paper
Sanna Karosas
ENG 113 Academic Writing
6 March 2013
Homosexual Propagation in Ukraine
Ukraine is a post-Soviet country; therefore, many Soviet-style values and beliefs still exist in Ukrainians’ minds. Ukraine still shows negative about promotion of gays as it was in Soviet Union. In 2012, Ukraine faced the problem of homosexuality propaganda. Because homosexual couples became very visible, the issue of how to relate to homosexuals propagation became urgent in the society. This issue has influenced not only Ukrainian government and population, gays but also European Union. Ukrainian Parliament presented a bill against promotion of homosexual relationships which is supported even by the president’s representative. The law bans “propaganda of homosexuality,” which is defined as a positive attitude to gays in public (The Associated Press, 2012). Some politicians proposed to confirm the anti-gay law 8711 where the Ukrainian government wants to prison people up to five years for any positive public depiction of homosexuality. In addition, this bill would ban such events as gay pride parades or TV dating shows for same-sex couples. An author of the Ukrainian bill, Pavlo Ungurian, stated that the bill would help to protect "the moral, spiritual, and physical health of the nation," while Ruslan Kukharchuk, a campaigner for the bill and the leader of the "Love Against Homosexuality" group, named a homosexuality "a disease ... a psychological disorder," and such people should get "rehabilitation therapy" (Druker, Boissevain, Caloianu, Persio 2012). Ukrainian political branch is strain because there are many powers that shows negative attitude towards homosexual propagation. This conflict made the Ukrainian population to split into supporters and fighters against gay promotion. Statistics shows that only 3% of Ukrainians have quite positive attitude to sexual minorities, 10% have rather positive, 14.5% - rather negative, and...
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