Homosexual Essay

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Article Essay – In Suburb, Battle Goes Public on Bullying of Gay Students Lucas Park
Sept 20th

In Anoka, Minnesota, the suburb school district had a culturally and nationally controversial war, how homosexuality must be treated. Six kids were seriously bullied because of their bisexual attitude and most of the kids have thought of suicide. The advocates of gay students try to fix things in a right way but Christian parents who dominated that area for decades are going against the idea of defending them, because of ideological influence their kids might get. Their supporting claims are the school is not really teaching kids about homosexual and only try to hide away the victims from bulling. I personally do agree with them because of following reasons. Public school should teach various aspects about homosexuality to kids. In the past, people did not think they could see a gay couple or gay marriage because they knew it is not right to marry the same sex. But kids now think there is nothing wrong with bisexual couple since the world and the society express the homosexuality in a very positive way. In other words, kids must get a chance to know what morality and ethnicity was called ‘right’ in the past and how many people still have that thought. Moreover, they also need to know that the idea of homosexuality was not originally being praised since everyone liked the idea, but just to keep human dignity for gays and lesbians. If the homosexuality is keep being protected, we will end up living in a world that has no meaning of couple or marriage.

The school should correct the misunderstanding of kids to solve this conflict. The gay kids are called victims because of the bulling; however, they are the victims of misunderstanding of homosexual. Since the world is looking homosexuality in very positive way, kids are accepting the idea, not in the way adults try to convey. The kids may think many people praise gays and lesbians just in a way TV commercials do,...
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