Homo Erectus

Topics: Homo ergaster, Homo habilis, Homo erectus Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: May 21, 2013

physical characteristics found in Homo erectus show the progression of characteristics that has so far culminated at modern humans. These fossils showed an increase in cranial capacity to about 900 cm3, quite advanced when compared to the 500 - 800 cm3 shown in slightly earlier Homo. Homo erectus also showed a progression toward a larger body size, with an increase in height and weight. More specifically, the cranium of Homo erectus was distinctive from that of its ancestors due to projected brow ridges and nuchal torus, as well as a low forehead and large back teeth. Homo erectus also showed a shortening of the forearm, making the limb proportions of this species quite close to that of modern humans. It was the first hominid to show signs of an external nose with downward pointing nostrils. On a related note, Homo erectus was quite sexually dimorphic, with males being slightly taller and heavier than females.

Resource :David Kreger, "Homo Erectus." Archaeologyinfo.com. "Homo Erectus." Stanford University http://m.voices.yahoo.com/homo-erectus-overview-3769826.html

Had a cranial capacity greater than thay of homo habilis. The face is moreorthognatic (less protrusive) than either the australopithecibes' or H. habilis's. It had larger brow-ridges and less prominent zygomata (cheekbones). They stood about 1.79cm (5'9) and were more robust then modern humans.

characteristics of Homo erectus are a brain capacity of 800 - 1300 cc, a large face and thick skull, brow ridges and a forehead that recedes. "Tukana Boy" was an African discovery, which shows that Homo erectus had a similar body size to humans. The period that this boy lived in was 1.6 million years ago. (Wicander and Monroe 1993) resource http://park.org/Canada/Museum/man/erectus.htmlhttp://park.org/Canada/Museum/man/erectus.html

they were black, had big noses, they had a head eith a fat top, standing 4ft-6ft. They had the growing rate of an ape, eith teeth smaller than homo...
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