Topics: Employment, Ethics, Social responsibility Pages: 7 (2555 words) Published: May 28, 2013
This assignment could bring you a maximum of three points from the seminar grade (see the file “Seminar grade”). Choose one of the following debate issues and discuss it in one page (300-350 words). You can also discuss another issue, but similar with these ones (a specific issue in the field of business ethics). For instance, you can find other cases on http://www.scu.edu/ethics/practicing/focusareas/cases.cfm?fam=BUSI or http://businessethicsblog.com/ (you can use the search engine on this blog to find a certain category). Choose the point of view that you support and try to give arguments for it. Try also to bring arguments against the opposite point of view. Try to use one or more of the ethical theories discussed (rule utilitarianism, act utilitarianism, deontological ethics, Kantianism, enlightened self-interest etc.) and to discuss the different results of using one or other of these theories. The homework deadline is May 30 (in electronic format by e-mail at dragos_bigu@yahoo.com) or your last seminar (in paper format). For those who will send their homework by e-mail, the file name (not the e-mail subject) should be in the following format: group_family name_first name (example: 113_Popescu_Dan). This would help me to manage the files. 1. Some of the investment funds, so-called “socially responsible” funds, have an investment strategy guided by the principles of social responsibility. Among others, many of such funds do not invest in tobacco and alcohol companies. Are such companies socially irresponsible because of their field of activity? 2. The business of a company consists in storing the crop in periods of plenty, in order to sell it with very high prices in periods of famine. How do you evaluate from a moral point of view this activity? 3. You are a manager in human resources and guide the process by which your company selects new employees. Your company has to select an employee for a computer analyst position. A certain applicant performs best in the interview and has very good qualifications. However, a routine background check indicated that the applicant had been convicted 18 years earlier for false check writing. The application form has a section where the applicant is asked whether he or she has ever been convicted of anything other than of a traffic violation. In response to that question, this applicant wrote “no”. Would you hire this candidate? Does it make a difference whether the candidate would have admitted his/her past mistake? 4. A company has to hire a person for a position, and the supervisor responsible to fill the position knows a person very fitted for the job, who happens at the moment to be available. But the company's policy has been to announce and publicize all openings, giving persons in and out of the company a chance to apply. Should the manager waste time by going through the usual search process or should he make an exception to company policy in this case and make an offer? 5. A women’s football team has better performance than the men’s football team belonging to the same club. Nevertheless, the trainer of men’s team is paid far better than the trainer of women’s team. Is this practice discriminatory from a legal point of view? But from a moral point of view? 6. A retail company opens a shop in a neighborhood whose inhabitants have racist conceptions. Neither company nor its manager had previously been suspected of racism. Nevertheless, worried of the prospect of bankruptcy, the manager decides to hire a white employee. Therefore, a black candidate qualified for the job is rejected because of his race. Is this decision acceptable from a moral point of view? But from a legal point of view? Should the laws forbid such decisions? 7. A plant wants to hire a construction worker. Because the job involves a lot of hard physical work, the owner refuses to hire a woman for the job. Is this correct from a moral point of view? What should the owner do? 8. A manager is worried about some...
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