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Mendez, Stephanie
November 29, 2012

My name is Stephanie Mendez and I'm in the twelfth grade. During the time I wasn't attending San Fernando High I was attending Central City Value High School. I used to live near Down Town Los Angeles, but now I'm living in Pacoima and thats another reason why I transfered to San Fernando High.

When I was attending Central City Value High I was doing good until the ending of junior year. In my previous school the campus was really small and the teachers were always constly telling the students to do their homeowork or they would have to stay after school and also if their grade went down to a D or F. In my previous school we had to wear uniforms. The classes I took were hard and some were easy, my favorite classes were art class and music history. I kearned how music started and were it came from and also how to express my feelings through art. I would play basket ball afterschool but I didn't join any sport. For christmas we did a charity and collected clothes and things you need to clean your self with. Thats something I'm proud of my previous school.

In the ending of junior year I started messing up and my grades were going down so my mom got worried and decided to move into a new school since she thought my friends were a bad influence. The other reason why I moved to San Fernando High was because its my home school. My biggest challenge I faced starting at San Fernando was if the classes were hard and the classes were big. The worst part of facing a new school was finding the right friends and not being able to do good in school. I overcame this challenge by telling my self everything is going to be okay and just focous in shool.

San Fernando High is a different from my previous school in so many ways, first of all San Fernando offers more classes and a lot more sports and after school activites. My exprerience at San Fernando High is really different from my previous school, I like how I could have...
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