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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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Our hometown is where our roots lie. Mine lie in a peaceful little town nestled in the north-west of Romania, called Satu Mare, with a history going back to the Middle Ages.  Today, it is an academic, cultural, industrial and business centre in northwestern Romania. At first it may not seem to be the most amazingly beautiful and interesting city, but as soon as people start to discover its secrets I am sure it will strike a chord with everybody.

The city is located on the Someş Meadow on both sides of the river, which narrows in the vicinity of the city and widens upstream and downstream from it. This watercourse provides daredevils with suitable places for practicing kayaking and its banks are just good for the fishing enthusiasts to exercise their favorite sport. Basically, it is not more than a small and crowded town, with its streets full of bustling people and with traffic filled roads. The night life, even if it may not be the most lively and diverse, It is just pleasant enough for people to be able to spend a good time uptown. The city consists of numerous neighborhoods and on the outskirts there are a lot of charming places with stunning sceneries and On the right side of the Somes, is located the city centre which again is split into two areas, The New Centre and The Old Centre. The New Centre is the right place for young people who are looking for a fun time as there are numerous clubs and restaurant with delicious cuisine. Also, there are many trendy and exclusive shops and even a commercial centre named Somesu, which is the perfect place for fashionistas or shopaholics. In addition to these, one of the squares is located precisely near the banks of the river, near the commercial Centre.In the middle of it it’s settled the administrative palace, with it’s walls standing proudly. This square the place where many concerts are organized, being invited both local artists and more famous singers. Stilish...
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