Homelessness Lack of Shelter

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  • Published : October 6, 2011
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Why is Homelessness more than just the lack of shelter? Illustrate your answer with specific examples from referenced material.

The lack of shelter is not just the meaning of homelessness there is much more. A person who does not have access to a safe housing is normally the known reason of Homelessness. Homelessness causes include physical, emotion or sexual abuse, family breakdown, domestic violence, financial problems, unemployment, mental illness, disability, drug or alcohol abuse or gambling. These causes’s of homelessness puts children, teenagers, women and older people in danger and damages to these people.

Forms of shelter include usual accommodation such as living on the streets. The children, adults and older people who live on the street have the lack of shelter which live leads them to more domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse. There is also accommodation provided by youth programs, commonwealth programs, accommodation assistance program (SAAP), the commonwealth state housing agreement (CSHA), crisis accommodation program (CAP), rent assistance (RA) and the emergency relief program (ERP). These programs provide assistance to the homeless. They all provide a certain role for the homeless children and adults. The commonwealth programs provide funds to youth programs from the government, funds who are suffering or in danger. They also provide benefits for the allowance for youth, disability and the unemployment. The supported accommodation assistance program directs a host of programs who is joint with the commonwealth program who supply funding to over of 1200 agencies. The rent assistance provides low income houses and assistance in the form of a non taxable income addition. And last the emergency relief program provides funding to the community and welfare organisations who can assist families and individuals in crisis (http://www.homelessresourcenetwork.org/causes.html). With the help of these shelters provides lend in hand for the...
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