Homelessness in the City of Richmond

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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I am a current student at James Madison University and I am from the City of Richmond. Even though I am attending college in Harrisonburg, Virginia, I am still concerned about the things that go on in Richmond. While riding in a car or sometimes walking through the City of Richmond, I couldn’t help but notice the increase of homeless people. They are considered the lowest of the lows because their home is the streets and their clothes are unclean. They are treated as if they aren’t human, attacked and looked down upon as if they don’t have a right to happiness, monetary funds, material possessions, or a warm place to call their own. It’s evident they have taken over places that once were filled with beautiful scenery because they have nowhere to go. All in all, something has to be done with the increase rate of the homeless people occupying the City of Richmond.

A major place that homeless people have taken over is Monroe Park. The park was once a thriving place filled with couples taking strolls on a nice day, the beautiful fountain flowing, and children running through the green grass. Now, I no longer see that. I see homeless people taking up residence there. There are no more benches to rest upon and the grass isn’t pretty as it used to be. What can they do when they feel as if the commonwealth doesn’t care about them? There is nothing, but to continue to take up residence in a public park. Monroe Park is near the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. There is an abundance of young women walking through the park to get their classes or even their dorms. It can be a daunting task to make it to the other end of the park with the men making sexual calls. That’s what makes women want to avoid the area. I personally have experienced sexual calls while walking through the park. A friend was almost raped by a homeless man who takes up residence there. It is not pleasant at all. When someone walks through a park, they want an enjoyable feeling and...
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