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Topics: Military, Want, Soldier Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Women in Combat

I think that women should be able to serve in combat positions because women are brave Enough to be a great combat soldier .Women are equal as men; women deserve the chance to defend our country we are all equal and deserve the same opportunities in life. Women can use most weapons in today’s military as well as anyone else and they can stop a bullet just as well as men can. Me as a women I think women can do anything just like a man can do. There are some who think that women are not strong enough to perform in a combat situation while I know that personally , I am not , nor ever will be meant for the military for this reason , that is certainly not true for many of those brave women who join the military . I was an army wife and knowing how stuff was his job was giving him a hard time but he stood strong that look like days he would give up it take hear and brave women in been in the military. The biggest few of allowing women into combat positions that many have is also the biggest stereotype the potential for distractions and temptation to men. If women wants to be in combat then she should be allowed to be in combat. The argument that women are weaker is the most thing I have heart. If a woman is physically capable and mentally capable then she should be allowed. If you want to join the army then you’re capable of seeing both sexes getting shot or killed. As a woman I understand there are many things women can do that men can do as well and vice versa. And yes I do think women should be allowed in combat. Everyone would and should be able to have a position in job. Even the military, if they prove that they are just as qualified and need standards. I believe that not only men should be drafted if need be but women as well. Women can be just as strong and hard as any man we have succeeded in everything else that is supposed to be a man’s job, such as raising a son to be a good man. Women do all this and get no credit we could take...
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