Home School vs Public School

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  • Published : July 17, 2012
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Home School VS Public School

University of Phoenix Student
Home school and public school is a debated subject. Parents are disputing whether home school education or a public school education is more beneficial for their child. An education that fits the needs of a child is important; that’s why there are things to be considered when choosing an educational path for a child.

Certainly in a public school setting a parent should take note that their children is in a better learning environment to have and gain social diversity. Whereas in a homeschool setting they won’t have that face-to face interaction with other children of different cultures and races. Exposing a child to diversity at an early age helps to shape them into more accepting people, and they would be less likely to shy away from new things. Exposure to different cultures and religions is different in a home school setting. The child doesn’t get to shake the other persons hand or speak to them to know that they sound a little different and things like that spark their curiosity to ask questions and find out more about the differences and why. The only socialization the child receives is that pertaining to extracurricular activities after their home school cessation such as karate or soccer. Getting a grip on social diversity at an early age can help a child to create new ideas and change that can be beneficial to society and the world.

Assuredly another thing to consider is the horrible truth about negative peer pressure and how it is more present in public school than in home school. This is one of the main reasons parents decide that home school is better for their child and it’s understandable. However, peer pressure won’t just fade into the background. It’s talked about in the newspaper and as well as on television, how children succumb to the peer pressure and in the end takes their own life and sometimes the lives of others. Although parents choose to home school their child,...
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