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  • Published : June 1, 2012
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Using Olive Oil
* Some people may think it is contradictory, but in some cases adding oil to already oily skin can be beneficial. Extra-virgin olive oil is recommended for a wide variety of skin and hair problems. The book "Secret Food Cures" suggests using cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil to make pores smaller. The authors suggest applying the olive oil regularly in a thin layer. The idea is to coat the skin, not make it greasy. This is a folk remedy with anecdotal evidence that it works, but there is no explanation as to how or why olive oil reduces pore size. *

Using Baking Soda
* Baking soda is a popular home remedy for deep cleaning the skin. Making a scrub of baking soda and water is effective in removing sebum and debris from the pores. Add water to a small amount of baking soda. Massage into the skin for about 30 seconds. Let the paste dry on the skin and then rinse with cool water. * Exfoliate Regularly

* Exfoliation can be accomplished in one of three ways - at a dermatologist, spa, or at home. You can use a simple facial scrub to exfoliate from home and shrink large pores. You may also want to consult your local dermatologist or spa for a microdermabrasion treatment. Microdermabrasion is one way to gently remove dead layers from the surface of your skin and get rid of large pores. Be careful, though. This treatment can be harsh because it basically involves sanding your skin with a rotating wire or steel brush. Ouch! *

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Eat lean protein. Fish, beans, eggs, and chicken can help the skin repair itself while undergoing treatment.

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