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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Holden observe that his surrounding is full of crooks. Holden Caulfield has failed out three other prep schools before his parents enroll him to Pencey. The first chapter takes place during the last day of Holden in Pencey. He decided to leave school before the official end of the term. Holden go to Pencey in order to finish his school, but eventually he still failing his entire subject due to the lack of interest in an academic’s topic. He believes," Pencey do not do any more molding in school." In this quotes, Holden views that his surrounding makes him more tiresome, because people do not make effort to make things interesting. In addition, he sees that students in Pencey are not splendid and clear-thinking which heightens the idea that something is not right in Pencey because only seniors boys player are allowed to bring girls in a football match. Holden believes that people in his surrounding are phonies yet impressive. Holden is about to live Pencey but he receive a letter from Mr. Spencer, a history teacher in Pencey and one of the teacher that flunks Holden in school. Holden meets Mr. Spencer because he wants to say goodbye to the old dude, but eventually it turns out that their meeting leads to become a life-enhancing lecture, “Life is a game.” This quote doesn’t appeal to Holden, because he believes that you need to get in the side where all the hot shot are place. Furthermore, he narrate a story about Mr. Haas, he is a teacher that goes around to shake-hands with everybody’s parent except if some boy have a little-funny looking parent. Holden believes that most people are imposters; they usually act good things in people where they think they should act nicely. Holden also believes that his parents are phonies yet impressive, because they want to look good parents to other people’s mind, yet when Holden tries to act maturely, none of his parents recognize his effort. Holden observes that his dorm mates are all annoying. People in his surrounding such...
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