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The Pearl Essay Prompts
In The Pearl, the author, John Steinbeck, uses this story to tell all important thing of a person in a family that supports the family in many way. In the story, the author focuses on the character of Juana, he provides a study of her and all of her actions in the family to supports the family. In The Pearl, Juana is an interesting character. She is the wife of Kino and the mother of Coyotito. She supports her husband Kino throughout the story and cares for their only son Coyotito. Juana is a very interesting character because she is a person with a versatile personality. She is admirable as a mother, a wife and as a human being as a whole. As Kino thinks in the book, Juana has the strength of a man in her, she is patient and fragile. Juana is what keeps Kino going with all the atrocity of the pearl, but still, she is respectful and obedient towards him. "In the canoe, she was like a strong man." This trait of strength and obedience, yet humility is quite appealing. In the first chapter of the story The Pearl, Juana show that she is a woman very have a responsibility to her family. First is about her son Coyotito is bitten by a scorpion. When her husband Kino sees a movement near the hanging box where Coyotito sleeps, Kino try and ready to grasp the scorpion, but Coyotito shakes the rope and the scorpion falls on him. reaches to catch it, but it falls onto the baby's shoulder and strikes. Kino grabs the scorpion and kills it as Coyotito screams in pain. Juana begins to suck the puncture to remove the poison. Juana remains strong and wise when her son is bitten by a scorpion. Though he is on the verge of death she is willing to do anything to save her son. Because of that Juana grabs Coyotito at once and attempts to suck the venom out of his festering wound. Juana asks Kino to summon the doctor. Such a request surprises the neighbors since the doctor has never visited the poor cluster of brush houses. A doctor is...
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