Hitler Could Be Stopped!!

Topics: World War II, Germany, Nazi Germany Pages: 4 (1812 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Hitler was born in Austria in 1889, his father died when he was 14 and when he became 18 his mother died because of cancer. He lived alone homeless in the streets of Vienna and Vienna was a strong center of anti-Semitism which Hitler totally believed in; so by the age of 24 he left Vienna and went to Germany to escape from doing the military service in the Austrian army, however he was arrested and sent back to Austria where he was found weak and unfit to be armed. When the WWI started he decided to join the German army and fought bravely against the British and was rewarded with the Iron Cross medal twice but he wasn’t promoted. In 1920, when he became 31, he resigned from the army and entered the political careers as a leader of a right-wing political group that was known as “Germans Worker’s Party”. In 1923 Germany faced an economic crisis and that caused some new Communist riots in the streets, so Hitler thought it was his chance to make a revolution of his own and he marched with 3000 supporters to make himself the Bavaria’s new master but the policed faced them and the revolution was a failure. Hitler was supposed to spend five years in jail, but with the help of some other politicians, his stay in prison was like staying in a VIP room in a hotel and it lasted only nine months. Hitler’s party was growing slowly, Hitler promised the Germans that he will bring the good old days back to them and by 1933 when he was 44 he became the prime minister of Germany. He had a party of 500,000 men who supported him, and by time Hitler and the Nazis controlled the police and the secret police until one day Hitler used his authority to destroy any non-Nazi organization that may stand in his way, and by July the German congress which was surrounded by the Nazi militia, voted to transfer the legislative authority to Hitler and give him the authority to change the constitution and to be the president and the leader of Germany. Hitler was brutal, he looked for power and was...
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