Hitler's Rise to Power

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazism, Nazi Germany Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Long-term bitterness, anger about the loss of the war and the humiliation of the Treaty of Versailles instigated Hitler’s rise to power. Hitler was a clear nationalist and the loss of the war showed him that Germany was weak, incompetent. The Treaty of Versailles was hated among all Germans, including Hitler. They detested the Treaty and found it was unfair, especially Clause 231. This clause stated that Germany would be blamed for the war, this clause stood to diminish any national pride left. “All the problems which are causing such unrest today lie in the deficiencies of the Treaty of Peace which did not succeed in solving in a clear and reasonable way the questions of the most decisive importance for the future,” Hitler said in his speech to the Reichstag on the 17th of May 1933. This was said during Germany’s depression, when people started blaming this disastrous event on the Treaty itself. When they saw the second demand of the Nazi Party Programme (24 February 1924), which listed “The abolition of the Treaty of Versailles”. This was an extremely intriguing idea in the eyes of the German population. The idea of abolishing the Treaty was appealing due to the fact that all of the humiliation that Germany had suffered from because of the signing of the Treaty would disappear. Therefore, the people supported Hitler and his ideas. This played a role in his rise to power because with the public’s support and mainly their votes, Hitler would be elected to power easily. Other than his bitterness, his personal qualities eased many votes.

Being a brilliant speaker, organized politician, and having a presence, which was almost God like, Hitler’s personal traits played as an important factor in his rise to power. Hitler was a captivating man, who was extremely driven. He could change people’s opinions to his own through his massive self-belief upon the topic. His self-confidence, speeches, drive was very intriguing to the public. “But if out of smugness, or...
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