Hitler's Promises to the German People

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  • Published: October 17, 2010
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This essay intends to explore Hitler’s promise of a better future to the German people, and how important it was to the growth in Nazi support up to 1933. This essay will discuss how accurate the view that this promise was what caused the support for the Nazis to grow. There are many things which affected the growth in Nazi popularity and this is what will be discussed in this essay. In 1928 there was a low support for the Nazi party, they only held 12 seats in the Reichstag, but by 1930 the Nazi party had 108 seats. At this time Germany had just been humiliated at Versailles and it was facing extreme Economic ruin in 1923. Germany Suffered invasion and occupation 1923 from France. Germany was going through political violence and revolution which made the German people Unsure of their new political system. Over all Germans ripe for promises of better future, and Hitler and the Nazi party saw this opportunity and grasped it! AJP Taylor once observed “Only the Great Depression put wind in Hitler's sails”

Maybe the great depression did allow Hitler to gain popularity, millions of German’s were unemployed, and Hitler promised jobs for all. This would be appealing to any person who was unemployed. Most importantly Hitler said to the people that he would gain back the land lost in the Treaty of Versailles, and he would regain Germany’s pride. Hitler told the people what they wanted to hear, that Germany should still be a great power and that it was the ‘November Criminals’ who lost the war for Germany. Hitler made many vague promises whilst he was gaining popularity from the masses. The economic crisis of 1923 was for many Germans “the scar that never healed.” The economic crisis from 1929-32 allowed the Nazis to gain support as they said they had the answers to Germany’s problems and promised a prosperous future. He made different promises to different groups, these promises were never detailed or accurate, because he could not afford them to contradict, and...
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