Hitler's Hidden Treasures

Topics: Nazi Germany, World War II, Adolf Hitler Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Kyle McCall
During war times, nations hold the weapons or technology needed to win in high regard and closely guard them by keeping them secret from their enemies. Hitler was a charismatic leader of the Nazi regime with the pipe dream of world supremacy by the “superior race,” Aryan, that had multitudes of secret programs, projects, and covert operations that he held very close as to avoid discovery from opposing nations. It has been concluded, from documents and evidence found post World War II, that Nazi Germany was technologically ahead of the United States by at least ten to twenty years. These Secret programs and projects ranged from military advancement to advancements in everyday life and racial purification.

One of the most hotly debated secret operations of the Nazi regime is a secret base in Antarctica. It is believed by some that the Nazi party discovered a cave in Antarctica the extended for miles flowing into an underground river far into the caverns. It is believed German’s found the cave after sending multiple reconnaissance flights over the land of Antarctica. This base is believe to be where the Germans were making leaps into aerospace technology by initiating research in the area of anti-gravitational technology to be used in “hovercraft” type vehicle.

Even though this is possibly the most interesting and speculation filled secret Nazi project of all, Germany is responsible for much more advancements into technology and war strategies. Through thorough research, it can be concluded that Nazi Germany focused most of its time and money into researching viable types of new energy sources and enhancing energy sources that already existed. One of these is the diminutive generator. This generator was a mere 5 inches across and could raise the current from a simple flashlight battery up to 15,000 volts and last for 3,000 hours.

Nazi Germany was far greater advanced technologically, giving them the needed boost to be able to...
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