Hitch: Communication and Movie

Topics: Communication, Conflict, Film Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: July 14, 2012
The film, Hitch, is one of my favorites. The communication in the film was always through someone else. When dealing with the interpersonal conflict in the movie, one person would get upset, because he misunderstood the person that was giving him information. There was a lot of yelling at each other and at times the situation got worse. Making the conversation more effective with the other person would have been easier than someone telling the other person what to say. Interpersonal conflict was not handled effectively or in a good way in the movie until the end. There were many parts in the movie where Hitch and Albert, his client, were yelling at each other. When people are yelling at each other, they cannot get their point across because they cannot hear each other. There were many ways interpersonal conflict could have been resolved and handled better. The people in the movie could have stayed calm and relaxed. The Date Dr., Hitch, could have had a class for shy people – teaching shy adults how to date, how to talk to someone you like, how to ask someone out on a date. Hitch’s goal was to get his client to charm the other person. Hitch taught his clients they must have good communication skills to deal with someone they like. The goal was not to say the wrong thing to the other person. Sara, Hitch’s love interest, finds out that Hitch is the Date Dr. and is so upset that she ends up writing a gossip article on him exploiting the situation without getting the correct facts. She also includes Albert and his love interest, Allegra, in this, so Allegra thinks that everything Albert said and did was an act. Albert is crushed and Hitch is ruined. There was a lack of communication between Sara and Hitch, because Sara did not talk to Hitch when she found out he was the Date Dr. (Mordaunt & Tadross, 2005). In the end of the movie, the interpersonal conflict was dealt with appropriately, because both of the guys learned how to talk to their...
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