History: Spanish Colonization of the Americas and Spanish Conquest

Topics: Spanish colonization of the Americas, Maya civilization, Maya peoples Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: January 24, 2013
The Conquest and Colonization of the Caribbean and Yucatan by European, Resulted in significant cultural, biological & environmental changes to both regions Maggie Jim
Ancient History

1. Briefly discuss (but in detail) the similarities/differences between the initial Spanish colonization of the Caribbean and the Yucatan. In your discussion include the initial reaction of the Taino and Maya to the presence of the Spanish and the rational for the Spanish conquest.

The Spanish colonization of the Caribbean and Yucatan was the campaign of the Spanish conquistadores against Postclassical Maya stares and polities specifically on the central Yucatan Peninsula. The Spanish conquest of Caribbean and Yucatan which began in the early 16th century is similar in the sense that it serves as an extension of their quest for Gold and God (Carmack, R. 2003). They conquered both the empires in Caribbean and Yucatan by simply supplanting the Indian nobles with Spanish settlers. The colonization imposed the religion of Catholicism which is a male dominates and typical military affair. The colony gradually became a commercial enterprise however the European Spaniards remains to be a part of the colonial elite. The indigenous people of Taino attained their needs by farming or hunting, their political systems have been governed by societies. The Mayans own primitive societies for hundreds of years before the Tainos molded their cultural representation in the Mesoamerican region. Their similarities are on functional basis to search for their necessities that their societies needed during their time. This is the same reason on the vast differences in development stages between Tainos and Mayans.

The presence of the Spanish in the Caribbean where Tainos culture exists reacted with dissatisfaction and relentlessness for they felt that their culture is not extinct and must not be invaded. The Spanish conquest resulted to...
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