History of the Southern Baptist Convention

Topics: Baptist, Southern Baptist Convention, American Civil War Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: March 18, 2011

The Southern Baptist (SBC) is a group of Christian believers based in the United States that is generally a conservative Christian denomination. It gets the name Southern from the fact that it was founded and rooted in the south. The Southern Baptist Convention became a separate denomination in 1845 when there was a regional split with northern Baptists over the issue of allocated funds. Although monies and missions were the main reason they split many think slavery was the main reason why the northern and southern Baptists split, there were three other key reasons to why they split as well. Many Baptists came to the colonies from England In the early seventeenth century. the First Baptist Church in Charleston was, South Carolina was organized in 1632 and is The oldest Baptist church in the South, , there were around eight Baptist churches in 1740 in three colonies and consisted of around four hundred members. The Anglican Church was the official religion of the state and supported by general taxes In Virginia and most of the other Southern colonies before the Revolution; this made it complicated for a brisk spread of the Baptist faith in the South. A view that the American Baptist Home Mission Society did not place an appropriate amount of missionaries to the southern region of the United States was a dilemma that troubled the Southern churches. This comes about from the result of the Society not assigning southerners as missionaries. Baptists in different regions of the country preferred different types of organization for their denomination. A loosely structured organization with individuals that paid yearly dues was favored by Northern Baptists, with each local society focusing on a single ministry. Baptists in the South had the ideal that their congregations needed to have a more centralized organization composed of churches patterned after their associations, with a mixture of ministries brought under...
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