History of the Cherokee Indians

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  • Published : September 8, 2008
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History of the Cherokee Indians: Growth to Reduction of the tribes

Mary Ruef

Axia College University of Phoenix

I would like to provide you with some information regarding the Cherokee Indians. I am one quarter Cherokee Indian. My grandmother is full blooded Cherokee and may mother is one half Cherokee. Cherokee comes from a creek word “Cherokee” meaning “people of a different speech” (Cherokee history 1996). There are 561 officially recognized Indian tribes in the United States. The Bureau of Indian Affairs is the largest database of records and histories of Native American tribes in the country. The language of the Cherokee Indian is Iroquian, although the Cherokee language differs slightly from the Iroquian language. Before the coming of the Europeans my family the Cherokee’s were forced to migrate to the southern Appalachians from the northwest after a defeat at the hands of the Iroquois and Delaware. According to Cherokee history, The growth of my hertiage started in the southern Appalachian Mountains including western and North and South Carolina, Northern Georgia and Alabama, Southwest Virginia, and the Cumberland Basin of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Northern Alabama (www.tolatsga.org/cherokee.html 1996). The Eastern Cherokee still maintain their reservation in western North Carolina but most live in Oklahoma, Northern Cherokee nation of old Louisiana territory still has almost 12,ooo members and they are recognized by the state of Missouri unlike North Alabama whom do not have federal recognition. We lived in small communities usually near river bottoms. Homes are made of wooden frames covered with woven vines and saplings plastered with mud. Each village usually consisted of 30 to 50 log and mud huts. These huts are usually grouped around the village to make a town square, which was known as the council house. “The council house was seven sided to represent the seven clans of the Cherokee Indians : Bird,...
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