History of Origin Name of Bangladesh

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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Origin of the Name Bangladesh
Introduction: The name Bangladesh is not developed over night. It takes long time to form the name Bangladesh. Origin of the Name Bangladesh Bangalah as a territorial name came to be used from the 14th century onwards, more specifically from the time of Sultan Shamsuddin iliyas shah, donating the territory which now comprises the independent state of Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal. In the Pre-Muslim period the same areas were designated (designate-give a specified position or status to) by different territorial (territory-an area under the jurisdiction of a ruler or state) names ( janapads ) such as Gauda, Vanga, Pundra etc. Under Muslim Occupation initially Gauda (changed to Lakhnauti), Vanga (bang of the Muslim historians ), Varenda ( Barind of the Muslims ) and Samata ( Saltanat of the Muslims ) were mentioned as separate territorial entities. Ziauddin Barani was the first Muslim historian who used the term “ iqlim-i-bangalah” or “diyar-i-bangalah” Shams-i-Siraj Afif mentioned Iliyas Shah as 'Shah-i-Bangalah', 'Sultan-i-Bangalah' and 'Shah-i-Bangaliyan' after he had consolidated his power over whole of Bengal by bringing lakhnauti, satgaon and sonargaon under his sole (the underside of a person’s foot) control. The independent sultanate established by Iliyas Shah lasted for about two hundred years. Under Mughal period The Mughals after establishing their supremacy over the region included Bangalah as a subah ( province ) which came to be known as Subah-i-Bangalah. According to Abul Fazal the Mughal historian, the original name of Bangalah was Bang. The former rulers raised mounds measuring ten yards in height and twenty yards in breadth throughout the province, which were called “Al”. From the suffix this name Bangalah took its raise and currency.But this explanation cannot be accepted. In Portuguese records The name “Bangalah” appeared in the Portuguese records as...
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