History of Nursing and Its Time Line

Topics: Nursing, Registered nurse, Florence Nightingale Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: March 5, 2013
The discipline or practice of nursing has developed over time and many nursing theorists contributed to the professional practice as we know it today .Theory ,research and applications to clinical practice are symbiotic as new concepts ,practices and empirical data emerge professional practice changes or evolves.

During the intuitive period ,people believed that sickness was caused by the invasion of the evil spirits or as a result of anger of the Gods.People used different ways to trat the sickness .Many more eras came and every nation intiated specific practices and contribution in the nursing or medical professions.

0. Florence Nightingale - The word "nurse" is synonymous with Florence Nightingale, the most famous nurse of all time. A British nurse who worked during the 19th century, Nightingale was a selfless nurse who braved harsh conditions in battle during the Crimean War. Also a statistician, Nightingale's dedication to reducing the deaths of British Army soldiers sproduced some groundbreaking findings on the living conditions of patients. Nightingale advocated cleanliness for all people in the hopes to reduce illness and death. 0.

0. Clara Barton - Clara Barton's name is almost as closely related to nursing as Florence Nightingale's. Barton is most famous for organizing the American Red Cross. A lifelong philanthropist in the 1800's, Barton was shocked at the number of lives lost in the Battle of Bull Run due to lack of medical supplies. After that, she traveled with medical teams during the war and assisted as a nurse. Amazingly, she had no formal medical training before her efforts in the war. 0.

0. Margaret Sanger - Margaret Sanger is one of the most famous nurses and women's liberation activists in the world. She advocated women's use of birth control, something that was not common in the early 20th century when she was working as a nurse. Sanger founded the American Birth Control League, which...
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