History of Fashion 1950s

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1950’s Timeline

First organ transplant takes place.
Korean war begins.
The credit card system was introduced in America, this meant the beginning of an attitude towards disposable wealth.

Mass production of computers began.

Colour tv introduced.
South Africans Forced to Carry ID Cards Identifying Race.

Identity cards and
then food rationing ended.

Polio vaccine used to save humans from poliomyelitis infection. Car Seat Belts Introduced.
Queen Elizabeth 2 crowned.

Mount Everest conquered by Hillary and Tensing.
DNA the secret of life discovered by James Watson and Frances Crick.

First Playboy
Magazine issued

Pucci opened the Fashion
House of Emilio Pucci.

Rock and Roll starts in USA
Dresses without waistlines were shown by Balenciaga.
Ready to wear boutiques from designer Balmain, opened in New York.

Neo Edwardians, Teddy Boys seen around London.
Givenchy showed his first collection in Paris.

Dupont began commercial production of Dacron at a plant in North Carolina, to produce Dacron (polyester) The House of Paquin merges with the House of Worth

54% of American homes had television sets.

Report Says
Cause Cancer

Ruled illegal in
the United States

Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock" rocks the world.
Film idol of teenagers James Dean dies in a car accident.
McDonald's Corporation Founded

Grace Kelly Marries Prince Rainier III of Monaco
Hungarian Revolution

Suez Crisis - The Suez Canal was nationalized and control taken from Britain and France.

Television was first introduced in Australia in September, just in time for the Melbourne Olympics.

Sputnik 1 the first satellite to orbit the earth launched into space by the Russians.  The space age becomes a reality.

Coco Chanel reopened her Paris fashion salon after a long closure. Elsa Schiaparelli shows her last collection
The youth revolution is in full swing and casual wear is becoming more popular

In UK Mary Quant opened boutique, Bazaar, in Kings Road London.

Elvis Presley became an international, world acclaimed star with Love Me Tender film. Velcro Introduced to the public
Cristóbal Balenciaga designs the chemise dress known as the sack

Givenchy launched famous sack line a forerunner of 60's shifts. Christian Dior dies, only ten years after creating the “new look”





Paris fashion dictated shorter skirts above the knee.

Yves St.Laurent introduced the Trapeze line in his first collection for the House of Dior

Mary Quant designed suit shapes that later hallmark the sixties fashion look.

The first London Fashion Week is held in May

Peace Symbol is created

NASA Founded.

Castro becomes the Dictator of Cuba

The microchip was invented, making way for future home computers.

Motown Records start up setting new styles of music in the sixties.



Motown Records
Fashion and Designers

Advertisement for nylon
swimwear in 1952

There was a significant change in fashion in the 1950s, women embraced a move back to glamour after a frugal time which had limited their wardrobe to uniformity. There were many significant advances in the 1950s. There was the introduction of synthetic fabrics such as nylon, acrylic polyester and vinyl, which were used for lingerie, ladder-resistant stockings and swimsuits. Swimming at the beach became a popular activity and swimwear started to adapt and become more practical. Teenagers created a new market for the fashion industry as they had increased buying power and no longer just followed the adult fashion trends. There was more freedom and the fashion houses no longer solely dictated what people wore. Music, film and magazines had large influences on fashion. Men’s fashion still remained fairly conservative. They mostly wore suits, usually in a heavy fabric such a flannel...
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