History of Curse Words

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This word is one of the oldest of the current curse words that we use today. Its use can be found over 1,000 years ago. It was first seen in the English language as scitte and was soon after known as scittan. This word was used to describe when cattle had diarrhea. It was also known as shite until the 1700s. Since then, we have used the current spelling of the word.

A** / A**HOLE

Since the 11th century, the word arse has been used to describe the buttocks of an animal. In the 14th century, the word began to be used to refer to the human’s buttocks. In the 1500s, it was combined with hole to form arsehole. To many people though, a** is used to represent a donkey.


This work is thought to have originated from Germany. The Dutch brought this term to America. People were so afraid to use it that it has become tough to find its use in history because it was so rarely used. The word’s first use was in a poem dated in 1500.


The word’s original use was to describe female dogs. It was not used much beyond that, besides being used in a poem as an insult to woman. The current term has been in use since around 1400.


This term’s use has only been in existence since 1918. The word was formed originally as North American slang. No forms of this word can be dated further back than the 20th century. This word has been used a compliment and as an insult.

By Tyler Horner
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