History of Animation

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History of Animation

Animation began to develop in 1824 when a British physician, named Peter Mark Roget, described the concept of “persistence of vision,” which means that the pictures appear to create the illusion of motion as we quickly look and retain them one by one.1 In the 1870s, Eadweard Muybridge started his photographic gathering of animals and humans in motion.2 While he was in the West Coast, he experimented and recorded the movements of a galloping horse. In 1878, Muybridge successfully did his first experiment on chronophotography, in which he used a multiple series of cameras to record a horse's gallops. This was very amazing to witness. It was like we’re watching the horse race on T.V. today. Muybridge’s work and dedication to art were the starting points where the development of early motion pictures began to take place.

In 1882, E. J. Marey constructed a camera (so called photographic gun) that could take multiple photos per second of moving animals or humans - called chronophotography or serial photography. It was similar to Muybridge's work on taking multiple exposed images of running horses. Marey was able to record multiple images of a subject's movement on the same camera plate, rather than the individual images Muybridge had produced. In 1887, Thomas Edison started his research work into motion pictures. In 1889, Edison announced his creation of the kinetoscope. In 1895, Louis and Augustine Lumiere issued a patent for a device called a cinematograph capable of projecting moving pictures. Therefore, motion pictures are still used in animations and films today.

J. Stuart Blackton was possibly the first American filmmaker to use the techniques of stop-motion and hand-drawn animation.3 Introduced to filmmaking by Edison, he pioneered these concepts at the turn of the 20th century, with his first copyrighted work dated 1900. Several of his films, among them The Enchanted Drawing (1900) and Humorous...
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