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Topics: Novel, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens Pages: 4 (1021 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Lesson – 8 Novels, Society and History Multiple Choice Questions Q.1: - What is an ‘Epistolary novel’? (a) Novel written in the serious of letters. (b) Novel based on a biographical account (c) Novels written in poetic verse (d) None of these. Q.2: - It is truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. The above lines have been illustrated from the novel – (a) Pride and Prejudice (b) Mayor of caster bridge (c) Pamela (d) Treasure Island Q.3: - Who wrote ‘Hard Times’? (a) Charles Dickens (c) Thomas Hardy Q.4: - What did “Kissa Goi” means— (a) The art of story telling (c) Slave Trade Q.5: - The first novel to be serialized was— (a) Hard Times (c) Pickwick papers Q.6:-The first Indian novel was written in— (a) Malayalam (c) Punjabi

(b) (d)

Walter Scott Emile Zola

(b) (d)

Moralizing Vagabond

(b) (d)

Oliver Twist Mayor of caster bridge


Bhojpuri (d) Marathi

Q.7: - The first modern novel in Malayalam is – (a) Sevasadan (b) (c) Indulekha (d) Q.8: - Who is the author of ‘Pamela’? (a) Leo Tolstoy (c) Thomas Hardy

Pariksha Guru Rajesekhara

(b) (d)

Samuel Richardson Charles Dickens

Q.9: - In which year was Emile Zola’s ‘Germinal’ published? (a) 1584 (b) 1885 (c) 1886 Q.10:-Who wrote the famous novel ‘Jungle Book’? (a) Rudyard Kipling (b) (c) Hunt Jackson (d)



R. L. Stevenson Jane Austen 27

Short Answers Type Questions Q.1: - “Novels were useful for both the colonial administrators and Indians in colonial India.” Support the statement with example. Ans.:- To colonial administration – 1. A source to understand native life and customs. 2. It helped to govern Indian society with various communities and castes. 3. Novels helped to know the domestic life dresses religious worships etc. 4. Some of the books were translated into English by British administrators or Christian missioners. To Indians – 1. Indians used the novels as a powerful medium to criticize...
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