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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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Following the news from an early age has shown me that the majority of decisions made in a country are determined by Politics. It is when I realised that these decisions are constructed from economics objectives that I became fascinated by the two disciplines and how they relate to one another. Through publications such as “The Economist” and “Politics Review” as well as the appropriate sections of the daily newspapers, I soon became immersed in the world of economics and politics. My attention was sparked during the Iraq conflict as I read details about the Middle East, its relationship with oil and its political and economic implications on a national and international level. This led me to take Economics as a Higher where, through the use of economic models, statistical data and analysis, I have acquired the tools necessary to tackle complex economic problems. To compliment this, Higher Modern Studies has helped me gain a greater appreciation of the way in which governments work. With my special interest in government decisions and how they are fashioned, I was able to lean more by studying the reaction to the terrorist attacks of 2001 by individual nations. This year, I am looking at building on my previous knowledge of Economics and Politics at Advanced Higher whilst also gaining an insight into Philosophy. This will undoubtedly improve my way of thinking, debating and constructing well-built arguments. My success of achieving dux in Modern Studies last year has given me the opportunity to enrol in a politics module at Dundee University. This University level module looks to add to my knowledge of Government Politics and, by being the only person in my school to have been selected to take advantage of this opportunity, I feel this will give me more of an insight into what Politics entails at University level When not studying, I am absorbed in leisure activities. My role as captain of one of the school Rugby teams has improved my communication skills as well...
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