History Controlled Assesment Bii Gcse

Topics: Civil disobedience, Protest, Martin Luther King, Jr. Pages: 5 (1595 words) Published: April 29, 2013
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• Nixon sought to gain peace in Vietnam & set up a withdrawal of the troops (yes) • Kissinger claimed that the majority of the population were pro government & against protest(no)- the population turned against the war in an overwhelming majority • Post troop withdrawal-larger protest called mobilization(yes) -Due to the Us being involved in bombing campaigns in Cambodia outraged people • Black Americans & students were the majority of anti-war protestors (yes/no)- the younger generation are always more involved in active protest but blacks were more occupied with the civil rights • Agnew claimed that the demonstrators just wanted fame & publicity (no)- Publicity did help the cause but many protestors faced death or injury & this cancelled out many who would have just done it to seek fame • Nixons handling of Vietnam war ended in civil war (no)- The only civil war that took place was in 1861-1865, this is merely an exaggeration about social unrest Rep 2:

• CORE won the battle to integrate state travel of which a thousand people involved (yes) • Robert Kennedy was the only politician committed to civil rights & the main reason for state travel being desegregated (no) – publicity & change in public opinion to the violence shamed the gov into action but was created & instigated by protestors & impact of demonstrations • Protest put pressure on the government to create the voting registration Act of 1965 (yes) • Pressure was put on the gov. by March on Washington 1963 for jobs & freedom (yes)-Civil rights act of 1964 was put in place directly because of this action, due to the rise in white support • The violence in Birmingham Alabama inspired blacks & whites( yes)- there was a rise in white support as a reaction to the violence publicised in the media • The match showed that blacks had friends but gov. did not respond(no)- 1964 Civil Rights Act was directly a result of this march, as it showed white support & humiliated the gov. with media coverage all over the world • Non-violent action was already declining (yes)-Many young blacks were frustrated at how slow progress was & violence in the ghettos broke out Rep 3:

• said that reforms would take place- this is true as there was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for black, the Vietnam War ended & laws were put in place for the equality of women (yes) • demand for reform & many demonstrations took place eg: March on Washington 1963 in favour of civil rights & many anti-war demonstrations ect (yes) • American society would be overturned was an exaggeration of the outcome – it was challenged but politicians kept their jobs & there was no major change in social order (no) Comprehensiveness

• Rep 1: Covers a period of protest in late 1969-specific about one protest movement – anti-war focusing on Vietnam War but no mention of war in Cambodia • Covers a range of viewpoints from both the opinions of the politicians & demonstrators, but mostly politicians • Therefore it concentrates more on negatives about the protest movement & support of it, as the Mobilization Organizer & Demonstrators were only mentioned briefly • Does include background info about the origin of the transcript but not the contributors (except the narrator) Rep 2:Only considers black civil rights issue - in particular segregation & the protest to achieve desegregation. Gives significance of a few ex. of the protest movement such as Freedom Rides, civil disobedience campaigns & March on Washington • No mention of the Vietnam War or women’s liberation movement which were huge focuses for protest at the time. • Although mentions some success of protest movement, quite negative about it overall, as it focuses and mostly covers the contribution of the politicians towards change rather than protest. • Only positive points were made by newspapers and by the author. • No background information about the author or...
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