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‘The Nazi regime enjoyed broad consent brought about by popular policies’ How far do you agree with this opinion?

The Nazi regime consolidated its power in stages during the period 1933 to 1939. The regime won support for its anti-communist stance and because it was the legitimate government of the day. Propaganda, foreign policy success, the economic recovery of Germany from the Great Depression, as well as Nazism’s promise to create an ordered society for the majority of Germans appealed to the vast majority of the German population, who had been traumatised by the 1929-32 economic crises. The extent to which consent was based on terror and repression and how far it was the result of shared values, propaganda and indoctrination can be seen by evaluating own knowledge combined with the sources.

To begin evaluating the consent Nazi’s enjoyed, popular policies must first be addressed. It would appear that the Nazi’s policies were very popular. Many German people had suffered during the First World War and the Depression, so welcomed Hitler's economic policies with open arms. There was full employment, new public works and ordinary workers even had the opportunity to purchase a car to drive on the new autobahns. The Nazis set up the SdA (Beauty of Work) to help Germans see that work was good, and that everyone who could work should. Combined with SdA, KdF (Strength through Joy) proved popular incentives. Other successful policies included support for agriculture, aggressive foreign policy and an anti-communist policy which proved welcome after the Depression. Anti-Semitism was also very popular, especially with German’s who got the Jew’s jobs. The Hitler Youth was popular with children and their parents, however this is questionable as when it was made compulsory to join in 1936, only 60% of children actually did so. Although all of these policies proved popular in creating broad consent for the Nazi’s [as highlighted in the 25 Point Plan], it was ultimately...
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