Topics: Russian Empire, Nicholas II of Russia, February Revolution Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Why was the March 1917 revolution successful?
Victoria Ríos Esteve y Sofía Pasarin

b) The factors of the 1905 Revolution and 1907's are very similar. The 1905 Revolution would have succed if the Tsar would care less. He coped very well with the situation. The well-organized tsarist goverment caused that all the strikes, mutinies, the revellion of the peasants against the landownners, all that factors were worthless, that's why, when similar factors ocurred in 1917 and the Tsar was not able to cope with them, the Revolution happen.

c) In 1905 there were different factors: Russia was weaker than in 1905 because although the revolution wasn’t successful it weakened Russia a lot. The winter of 1916–17 was severe. Food shortages got worse. The army abandoned the Tsar. On 8 March 1917, there were riots in Petrograd about the food shortages and the war. There was famine in the cities. The Tsar left the Tsarina in charge. She was incompetent (she let Rasputin run the government), and (because she was a German) rumours circulated that she was trying to help Germany to win and others that he had an affair with Raspution so by February 1917 the government was in chaos. The army abandoned the Tsar. On 8 March 1917, there were riots in Petrograd about the food shortages and the war. Duma abandoned the Tsar. On 13 March members of the Duma went to Nicholas to tell him to abdicate. d) There are various reasons why the March 1917 revolution was successful. There are relatively widespread but not major facts like the discontent of the Russian people which helped the revolution to be successful and one large reason which really made it all happen. Perhaps the best way of explaining this is to look at why the 1905 revolution was not successful and state the changes that occurred since then. Some of the factors which stirred up revolution in 1917 had also been present in 1905 although of course they were direr in 1917 since they had had more time to be aggravated....
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