Historical Perspective of Nursing Research

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Historical Perspective of Nursing Research
Nursing research is not only the responsibility of nurse scientists but also the responsibility and obligation of all nurses. Florence Nightingale was not only a nurse but also a statistician; her approach to quality nursing care had bases on data collection and statistics. When she fought for fair treatment of soldiers during the Crimean war, her arguments had scientific data and statistics back up. Her statistical analysis taught her the importance of environment and biophysics in disease prevention and delivery of care (McDonald, 2010). A Purpose of nursing research is development, validation of nursing knowledge, and efficient delivery of care. Nightingale’s paradigm of nursing emphasis was more on a person and environment. A patient is a main character, a nurse as a co-star, and with little mention if any of health. Florence Nightingale’s discovery of relationship between wound healing and environment was a breakthrough in infection control and health care entities are reaping the fruits of her discovery in modern day nursing (Macqueen, 2007). Clean water, proper sanitation, and clean environment were core of her theory, which was based on a nurturing nature of nursing. Soldiers were dying because of infection related to unsanitary conditions and lack of proper nutrition. Her statistics did show improvements in mortality rate attributed to proper wound care and clean environment.Nightingale’s contribution to research and nursing practice gives nurses a better understanding of their professional framework. She went beyond sanitation theory, when she compelled for continuous education to keep abreast to achieve higher standards (Attewell, 2010). Her vision is evident today; nurses throughout the United States are engaged in continuous education either voluntarily or involuntarily. Nursing governing bodies require nurses to engage in continuous education before license renewals. Today Nightingale’s notion is...
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