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Topics: Japan, Yasuhiro Nakasone, Hirohito Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: April 29, 2013
1970s: a series of crises1971, us imposes 10% surcharge on japanese imports[japanese goods price rise in USA] dollar-yen exchange rate no longer fixed[impact on export markets, higher price] 1971 nixon visits China without informing Japanese gov.[San francisco peace: Taiwan is the elig. gov. of China, Jap. signed with Taiwan]Jap: 1972 PM Tanaka Kakuei vists China

1973 Arab oil boycott
1974--1976 severe recession[lead by international 乱]
1976 Lockheed scandal

1980s: Social Changes
1985 population 121 million(doubled since 1930 65 million)
shift of population from countryside to cities
Rise in middle class
Life expectancy increases (highest in the world by 1990)
continuing cost of alluence
Mansion-massive apartment-rural area since downtown is so expensive!!

Coming to terms with history[majority people: did not deny]
Lenaga Saburo: lenaga Textbook Trials
FUjiwara Akira:Nanjing Massacre Research Group
Yoshimi Yoshiaki: studies of WWII confort women(military sex slavery) why did remembering ww2 (and acts of military aggression leading up to it) became such subject?WHy were these contested issues in developing curriculum? why were men like lenaga and Fujiwara dedicated to preseing alternative views of history? why did he sue the gov to clain the right to present his version of history in Japanese schools. [gov. prooved textbook only used in small part of Jap, also teachers did not really teach it...?]sentiment

Japan the Economic Super Power? [same time above, ---same situation before again, ] Prime minister nakasone yasuhiro (PM, 1982-1987): chose relationship with US, Europe (es. UK) US-Janpan trade deficit

Strong yen means Japanese companies can invest abroad
Flood of japanese goods into the US leads to resentment [invade us by momeny!!!!] "Jap bashing"

The Bubble years(1986--1991)
real estate prices skyrocket
1988 most expensive piece of Tokyo real estate $248,000 per square foot japanese businesses buy up iconic foreign...
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