Hip Hop an Art Form

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  • Published : January 21, 2011
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As long as I can remember, music has always been a powerful influence in my life. Similar to any other type of art form, hip hop evolves personal struggles… from our fight for civil rights to our acceptance into society. The pioneers of this movement have strengthened, encouraged, and empowered my people with the positive messages communicated through lyrics. Critics of this movement believe that this type of music affects today's already troubled youth and that some rappers tends to deliver violent images and to depict women as sexual objects. I strongly believe that hip hop should be only recognized for what it is, an art form nothing more nothing less. Furthermore, we as individuals must keep open minds and realize that many artists of the past were ridiculed for their art. We now consider many of these people visionaries and their works, masterpieces. Once my uncle asked me why I listen to such a polluted music and I told him probably the same reason you watch action movies. What good is art if it can’t take you to a place that you haven’t been? In an article written by G.L. Wodlu, he defined hip hop as “a term used for urban-based creativity and expression of culture.” Thus hip hop is a unique blend of music and attitude. This attitude is usually positive, reflecting not only the feelings and beliefs of this generation but also a story-like expression about inner-city living experiences within some African-American communities. In addition, it is a voice in the community that glamorizes some negative actions and the consequences that go along with these actions. If one listens to rap, one acquires an accurate description of the experiences and realities of today's youth. Critics of hip hop should seek out the direct and indirect messages about the need for social programs in inner-city communities. Social injustice has contributed to self genocide, unemployment, police harassment, and crime. And Russell Simmons said it best in an interview with...
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