Hip Hop

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Hip-hop over the past three decades has greatly developed and spread throughout many countries of the world. It is widely listened to today, especially by the youth. Its unique musical style has captivated people of all ages and more importantly, races. Hip-hop is a style all its own, original in its music, clothing, and language. Regardless of culture, background, and native countries, hip-hop has made a name for itself among all people. Perhaps one of the biggest ideas concerning the hip-hop phenomenon is how it translates through the many different types of ethnic races and cultures. Of course, over time, race and hip-hop have changed and evolved, but race still remains an important factor nonetheless. Racial influence plays a major role on the emergence of hip-hop, hip-hop artists, and hip-hop in other nations. Race plays a key role in the historical development of hip-hop. Hip-hop emerged in the South Bronx of New York in the early to mid-1970s along with many race riots. Journalist Jeff Chang writes that the poor youth of the Bronx found ways to pass the time: rapping in a style adapted from Jamaican reggae with Bronx slang over funky Afro-Latin grooves. According to college professors Derrick P. Alridge and James B. Stewart, hip-hop should be studied alongside African American topics and movements such as Blues, Jazz, the New Negro Renaissance, and the Civil Rights, Black Power, and Black Arts Movements. Hip-hop was originally created as a form of resistance against authority by blacks. Hip-hop can be linked to black history and a long line of black working-class culture (Alridge). Rap music has remained, by and large, a defiantly “black” musical form (Chang). Houston Baker’s Blacks Studies, Rap, and the Academy, as well as Bakari Kitwana’s The Hip-Hop Generation: Young Blacks and the Crisis in African American Culture, further explain the historical background concerning African American influence over the creation of the hip-hop genre. The broad...
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