Topics: Buddhism, Hinduism, Tantra Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Hinduism and Buddhism both came into existence from India. According to S. Rahdhakrishnan, “Buddhism, in its origin is an offshoot of Hinduism.” (Buddhism & Hinduism, 2007) This is due to the fact that Buddhism was started around 2,500 years ago by Siddhartha Gautama who was originally brought up in a Hindu family and was later called “the Buddha” by his followers. (Teece, 2003) Hinduism has been around for well over 5,000 years and was not started by a single historical figure. Hinduism and Buddhism appear to be two different religions that share an interesting relationship leading them to have many similarities and differences. Similarities

Hinduism and Buddhism two completely different religions, share a vast of similarities. They both have their own version of Tantra, which is a group of rituals based on teachings with supervision of a master. (Mahanirvana Tantra) Buddhism tantric practices are called “Tantrayana”. Hinduism tantric practices are very strong amongst worshippers of the goddess Kali and the god Shiva. Another similarity is that both believe in the practice of yoga and meditation which appears to help with concentration and relaxation of the body, mind and soul. Hinduism and Buddhism believe in reincarnation with a slight variation from one another. Hinduism believes that every human being is part of a different world and the soul will reincarnate into another form based on the things done by the human being from their present life. (Buddhism & Hinduism, 2007) Buddhism also believes in reincarnation being established on a good action or duty performed from a present life. They accept that one has to detach themselves from worldly possessions to reap the benefits of the long ever lasting spiritual life with the hope of salvation. Last but not least, both believe in the presence of gods and deities and many forms of hells and heavens. Differences

Hinduism and Buddhism have just as many differences as similarities. One of the main...
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