Hindu Culture in Pakistan

Topics: Culture, Islam, Sociology Pages: 3 (744 words) Published: October 30, 2011
Whether the Hindu culture is invading Pakistani society or not has remained a big debate among people. While some people take the prevalence as an invasion, others support it by saying that diversity in cultures is always a good thing. Hindu culture has so deeply seeped into our societal roots that it is often hard to distinguish between Pakistani culture and Hindu culture. Following are the positive and negative impacts of Hindu culture on our society and personal lives: Negative Impact

Increasing ignorance towards Islam
Most of the Hindu practices are against Islamic spirit and values. However they have blended so much into our lives that most of us are unaware of Islamic way of doing things. Today we follow these practices without any hesitation. The examples of practices which are prohibited by Allah swt but promoted by Hindu culture are as follow: * Gender Mixing in weddings and other festivals

The set up of Islamic society does not support gender mixing in festivals and elsewhere. Islam teaches strict limits regarding interaction with non Mehrams. However, today Pakistani society is void of any such practices. This is due to Hindu culture which seeped into Muslims in the pre partition era and has remained a part of our lives till today.

* Wastage of money
Islam commands us to adopt simplicity and save ourselves from wasting our money. “And be not excessive. Indded He does not like those who commit excess” (141:6) Islamic concept of marriage is based on convenience and simplicity so that no one finds it a burden. In contrast, the marriages which are prevailing in our society based on Hindu practices involve so much spending that poor finds it hard to marry his children. Today, arranging proper wedding functions with mendi and mayoun has become a social norm, so much so that those who don’t do it become the odd ones out in the society. The one who spends more has I higher status in society and is more acceptable. Thus spending and showing...
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