High School Dropouts

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High School Dropouts

Did you know 8.1% of US students drop out of high school almost each year (Statistic Brain)? There are many causes as to why teenager’s drop out of school: pregnancies, drugs, and bullying. But there are few solutions for allowing them to finish school with honorable diplomas. As society demands graduates with good character, the nation is obliged to keep teens from dropping out of school and improving their education for their future, whether it be from engaging and partnering with the parents or modifying the environment that the students are learning.

The decision to drop out of school does not happen overnight; it becomes an option after years of frustration and failure. Often, those that drop out have run out of motivation and have no source of support or encouragement in school (Adcouncil). One solution to the high school dropout situation would be to modify the students learning environment. In doing this, encouragement by teachers can be given to each student to do the best they can. Another way to modify the environment would be to decorate the halls and classrooms with more warming and welcoming colors. There may be some flaws to this solution though, like trying to find upbeat teachers with the ambition to really get into their students learning experience. Also, the cost of redecorating classrooms and hallways could be very costly if schools decided to go this way.

Another solution is that the parents engage with their children and the school. Parent involvement declines as students get older and become more independent. Findings in a March 2006 report, “The Silent Epidemic,” illustrate the importance of engaged parents throughout secondary school. Sixty-eight percent of the high school dropouts who participated on the study said their parents became involved in their education only after realizing their student was contemplating dropping out of school (Edutopia). If parents would be more active with their children all the...
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