High School and Cruz Elementary School

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Chapter I


The prime function of education is to prepare men and women for life and service. As such, it does not only develop the mental, moral, and spiritual capacities but also the physical powers of man. This is not an easy task for the teachers, guidance counselors and administrators to perform. It demands special facilities and equipment, qualified educators with special talents to match the need, and above all, dedication and commitment on the part of the teachers and school administrators.

The statement of our National Hero Rizal that, “the youth is the hope of our fatherland”, cannot be denied. The children are the leaders of tomorrow. They will be the ones to build the edifice of this nation. For them to become great leaders, they must be guided and supported accordingly. Guidance has long been recognized as an important function of education particularly in elementary education because it is the most significant foundation of the basic education The need for it in our school system becomes more urgent. Thus, every school should have a comprehensive guidance program and well-trained and professional guidance counselors that would render help to pupils who is in need.

Background of the Study

All people have certain basic needs in common, the satisfaction of which helps and the frustration of which hinders normal personality growth (Walter and Ohara). The rapid increase in population is a cause for alarm. Today, children represent the energy of the present and the hope of the future. In addition, there is a need to know and understand the children with their skills, knowledge, intelligence, competencies, and understanding. There is every reason to believe that the children population, many largely determine the kind of government a nation will have. (Health and Home vol.36 no.2, 1995) Pupil guidance and discipline is an important area of concern for school administrator. Given today’s advancement of science and technology and modernization in our ways of life, guidance becomes a necessity owing to the complex of problems confronting school administrators and teachers on dealing with pupils. There are numbers of factors that have to be discussed that can cause problematic situations involving not only pupils but teachers as well. These problem situations and their causes have to be addressed appropriately in order that pupils’ involvement into more serious ones can be averted, if not minimized. The school is a learning-teaching venue. Inside its classroom, productive and efficient learning takes place, which translate learning opportunities into actual learning engagement under the direction of teachers. One of the factors that stimulate learning is the operation of guidance service. In broad terms, guidance implies advice. It is a conscious attempt of an administrator to stimulate and direct the activities of the student/pupil toward definite and worthy objectives. Guidance involves all those influences and opportunities designed to assist the pupil in discovering how he may make his vocational, educational, social, cultural and adjustment most successful. One purpose of guidance is to make individual discover the mode of life by which he can realize most fully his potentialities for worthy and satisfactory service. To this end, school must have a sympathetic understanding of the pupil’s interest, aptitude and abilities and make a conscious effort to help develop them for the satisfaction of their needs; discharge of duties and responsibilities; and enjoyment of these opportunities. Guidance is a tool to make wise decision and choice (Gregorio, 1965). Children in contemporary times are exposed to several conflicting, distracting, and stressful situations inside and outside the school premise. An individual makes an adjustment when he finds contentment in his relationship with the environment and in the...
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