High School

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I’ve been in MHS since my freshman year, I walked into the school knowing A handful of students and now I’m walking out knowing everyone. I have built so many different relationships good/bad ones throughout my four years being here. I’ve experienced my good and bad days here. I’ve had accomplishments and failures. I feel like I matured a lot, not from the school itself but the path I took in this school which is something I hope no other student ever experience. Everything that I know now that I didn’t know my freshman years feels like I taught myself, my learning method has always been in trials and errors before I actually learned from it and progressed and that’s what my four years have been. I had good grades also bad grades throughout school and it wasn’t anything due to my behavior or me not being smart but I can most definitely blame it on my laziness and if I was to really put my mind to it without a doubt I can do the work that’s handed to me. I am a pro at procrastination, which usually leads to me not accomplishing what needed to be done on time, so I just totally gave up on myself and began to walk around with this “I don’t care” mentality. I don’t usually regret things because I obviously went through them for a reason which is to learn from it and I did but I wish I can turn it all around because now I’m sitting here stuck on the edge   not knowing if I will be walking on June 6th Thursday afternoon which is a really scary feeling. It’s sad how when the time officially approaches reality begins to kick in when it should have a long time ago. I can sit here and blame myself and not anyone else for everything I brought on myself.
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