High Performance Teams

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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High Performance Teams
By: Charlene Denise Norwood
Professor: Kate Spector
MBA 6210
Building Relationships

It’s essential for every organization to make sure that their goal is to motivate and help their employees demonstrate operating as a high performance team. Within every team, effective communication is extremely crucial between all members in order to see the success of the company. A divided team will not be able to stand against the fiery problems that arise within an organization if the foundation is not solid. In this paper I will be elaborating on communicating in teams, the organizational change, and organizational culture.

Communicating in Teams
Communications is the lifeblood of all organizations, so organizations are keeping pace by adopting social media and other emerging channels into their communications toolkit (McShane & Glinow, p. 260). It’s nearly impossible for an organization to stand without first laying a solid foundation of effective communication. While establishing effective forms of communication the leader has to make sure that they enjoy helping the team members develop into leaders themselves, by creating climates of support and accountability rather than blame (Pearce, 2007, para 8). Take steps to help team members grow into their jobs by learning new skills, and train them to take on more challenging tasks and responsibilities. Praise, them either privately or publicly depending on the circumstances, for jobs they have done well (para 8). Make them aware that you have confidence in their abilities and support the decisions that they make on their own.

Effective interpersonal communication depends on the sender’s ability to get the message across and the receiver’s performance as an active listener (McShane & Glinow, p. 274).Active listeners constantly cycle through sensing, evaluating, and responding during the conversation and engage in various activities to improve these processes....
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