High Dive

Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: December 10, 2012
High Dive Part I – Write up
1.I first used the problems and the obstacles that were given, the cart, the Ferris wheel, location of the diver and time. All of these four of these constraints contributed to my four equations. On page 46 and 47, Homework 13, this is where everything comes together to make the final piece. This is basically my verification that I am supposed to have no more than four equations and no less. When having four equations I have to have four variables. This allows me to narrow the equations into two equations that represent the x-axis (time) and the y-axis (locations of the diver and where he lands).

At first I thought that the diver was not going to fall straight down but was going to be affected by the vertical component of the Ferris wheels velocity. This would have affected the divers decent and the diver would not fall straight down. This affected my thought process on how to solve the problem because I then came up with six equations instead of four. This problem intimidated me since there were so many different variables and constraints to deal with.

2.In order to solve the problem I had to use substitution to bring the four equations down to only two. That way I could graph them to find were they intersected. I used the previous homework and class work problems to find all four equations to find the answer. My first equation represents the diver’s height, H=65+50sin9w. In this equation H is the diver’s height off of the ground when on the Ferris wheel. In this equation w is the time of the Ferris wheel turning, it is equal to time. My second equation represents the diver’s horizontal position which is, x=50cos9w. In this equation x represents the location of where he falls on the x-axis. My third equation represents the carts position on the x-axis. The equation is x=15t+w-240. In this equation it states that when the cart starts moving, it is 240 feet to the left of the base of the Ferris wheel. The cart also moves to the...
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