Hi How R U Guys

Topics: Academic dishonesty, Final examination, Academia Pages: 6 (1542 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Engkent, Lucia. Skill Set: Strategies for Reading and Writing, 2nd ed., Oxford, 2011 ISBN 978-0-19-544169-7 * All students are required to use the following Research Guide for their assignments: * Seneca Libraries. Guide to Research and Citation: MLA Style. 3rd ed. Toronto: Seneca College, 2010. Print. * A good quality English-language dictionary (The Oxford Dictionary and the Longman’s Dictionary are recommended.) * A folder/portfolio to keep all your work throughout the semester

Note: Electronic dictionaries are not permitted during exams


Essays 2 x 10% 20%

Summary 5% Grammar and editing 2 x 5% 10% Reading comprehension 2 x 5% 10% Group presentation 10% Mock Exam 15% Final exam 30%



1 Jan. 7 – 11| Introduction to the courseAddressing Audience and PurposeThree stages of the writing process| | Diagnostic assignment| 2 Jan. 14-18| The principles of good writingUsing Appropriate Style/Academic EnglishUnderstanding Verb Forms| A Global Warming Deal to Do Nothing Still Possiblepp. 16-17| Grammar Quiz(5%)| 3 Jan. 21-25| Recognizing Parts of Speech/ CollocationsUnderstanding ConnotationIdentifying Main Idea| Crushed by Potentialpp. 266-267Same-Sex Schoolingp. 272| Reading Comprehension #1(5%)| 4 Jan. 28- Feb. 1| Basic Sentence StructureFragments and Run-on SentencesReviewing Paragraph Structure| The Case against Bottled Waterpp. 286-288| Grammar Quiz(5%)| 5 Feb. 4-8| Coordination and SubordinationParallel StructureReducing Clauses to PhrasesParaphrasing| Immigrants Isolated? Tell that to Their Childrenpp. 297-299| Reading Comprehension #2(5%)| 6 Feb. 11-15| Understanding Essay StructurePlanning an EssayCause/effect Writing Tools| Causes of Modern Incivilitypp. 186-187| Cause/Effect Essay(10%)| 7 Feb. 18-22| OutliningPractising Essay Writing| Appearance: Its social Meaning pp. 322-324| | STUDY WEEKFeb. 25 – Mar. 1| | | |

8 March 4-8| Presentation SkillsModals| Those Mooching, Deadbeat Guests of Summerpp. 310-311| Group Presentation(10%)| 9 March 11-15| Writing Thesis Statements, Introductions, and Body Paragraphs| Clothing Controversiespp. 336| | 10 March 18-22| Writing ConclusionsMaking ComparisonsGerunds and Infinitives| Those Mooching, Deadbeat Guests of Summerpp. 310-311| Compare/Contrast Essay with Outline(10%)| 11 March 25-29| ParaphrasingWriting a Summary | Sample Essayspp. 166-171| Summary(5%)| 12 April 1-5| Argumentative EssayAchieving Coherence| Technology and Childrenpp.200-201| Mock Exam with Argumentative Essay(15%)| 13 April 8-12| Correcting Grammar Errors| Over Here, I Rarely Lift a Fingerpp.303-305| | | | | |

14 FINAL EXAMApr. 15 - 19| | | Final Exam(30%)|


Format:Only work with a neat, professional appearance will be accepted for grading. Out-of-class assignments must be word- processed.

Rewrite Policy:Assignments graded UNSAT may be rewritten. The rewrite must be submitted within one week of my approval. The final three assignments of the term are not eligible for rewriting.

Late Assignments:Unless an extension has been granted, a late out-of-class assignment will be penalized at a reduction of ½...
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